Project Description

July 2016
Harlequin Historical

This man is dangerous in more ways than one…
The stepdaughter of a bank robber, innocent barmaid Emmaline Drake knows Hunter Jameson is trouble the second he walks into her saloon. Though his gaze holds her captive, she vows to keep her distance.

When Hunter kidnaps Emmaline to retaliate against her stepfather, she escapes to the brothel where she was born. In desperation, she auctions off her virginity… But when she looks out into the gathered crowd of men, there’s only one she sees. Hunter has tracked her down and is about to place his bid for her…!

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Emmaline Drake knew trouble when it walked through the door. Five years of serving drinks had taught her that only three kinds of strangers ever entered Jake’s Saloon in the tiny backwater town of Whiskey Hollow. The first two were drifters and loners who sought the saloon as a refuge from a world that didn’t accept them. They kept to themselves and rarely caused trouble. A drink, a meal and conversation with a pretty girl were enough to send them on their way. But then there were men like the three who stood just inside the saloon’s swinging, slatted doors. These men were the third type and just looking at them caused a knot of dread to churn tight in her stomach.

These men were outlaws.

If there was anything Emmaline knew, it was how to spot an outlaw. Thanks to her stepfather’s profession, she’d had years of experience identifying the variations in that type of man. As a rule they were notoriously badly dressed, though the clothing of this particular group belied that rule. Even with their dusters covered with a layer of dust, the fine cloth and texture of their breeches and coats were apparent and their boots were obviously high quality. But it wasn’t the clothing that made the outlaw. It was the eyes. Outlaws had the eyes of predators—full of violence and aggression.

 Violence crackled like energy in the eyes of these men.