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Heiress-turned-outlaw Charity Blake is determined to get back the fortune the Davenport banking family took from her father—even if she has to hold Brent Davenport ransom to do it! After all, the seductive charmer stole something even more valuable from her five years ago: her heart. But once she has Brent in chains, Charity must face the fact that her desire for the man has grown from the sweet dreams of a young girl to the unquenchable passion of a woman. And soon it’s not clear whether she’s the captor, or the captive….

A Harlequin Historical Undone!™ novella.

His Abductor's Desire

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“You want me.” His eyes were cold, confident.

The truth of that statement hit home with Charity. It had been her mistake to assume her infatuation with him had been a girlish inclination, something that would vanish with the clarity and logic that came with experience and adulthood. She wanted him. Her desire had not dampened in all the years that had passed. It had evolved, certainly, from the maidenly wishes of a seventeen-year-old girl with visions of white and lace and kisses that left her cheeks hot to the mad, unquenched desire of a woman who knew now exactly what she wanted from the powerful male restrained in her barn.

“Only for your money,” she lied as she bent to retrieve the bucket. But she strayed too close. Her agitation had made her oblivious to the fact that he was not at the end of his chains and in the space of a heartbeat, he held her pinned against the wall of the stall between the iron rings that held his chains. Each of his hands held a wrist in an unforgiving grip while his body held hers immobile.

“You’re a horrible captor, darling.” His whisper caressed her cheek.