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A Forbidden Attraction

When Sophie Buchanan’s loathsome uncle announces she must wed a man of his choosing in just a month’s time, Sophie will do anything to escape—and if that includes entering the most notorious gambling den in town to fund her getaway, then so be it.
But Sophie hasn’t counted on Gray, a Comanche gunman in her uncle’s employ who fascinates her like no other, and who seems determined to foil her plans. After he rescues Sophie when the situation turns nasty, the couple spends one scorching, forbidden night together. But the day of the wedding soon dawns, and with the aisle beckoning, Gray’s protection may not be enough to save Sophie from her fate.

From Harlequin E!

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“He doesn’t deserve you.”

The words were so emphatic and blasphemous, spoken there in the hallway just outside her uncle’s door, that they shocked her. Did he know? Did he have any idea that she was a prisoner in every sense of the word?

She searched his face, looking for the meaning behind them, but the momentary ferocity brought about with those words had gone and his handsome visage was impassive again. Still, she couldn’t stop the flush of pleasure they evoked as she settled on his gray eyes. They were dark like the clouds of a thunderstorm. She’d never seen anything like them.

“Who would deserve me?” She hadn’t meant to ask, but his intense stare had hypnotized the question from her.

That stare never wavered when he answered. “Somebody who’ll take care of you.”