Project Description

Enslaved by the Viking (Viking Warriors #1)
April 2015
Harlequin Historical

“From this day forward, you are mine.”
The moment Merewyn sets eyes on the warrior standing atop a Viking raiding ship, something inside her stirs. By all rights, she should fear him, should run from him, yet she cannot help but be drawn to him.
Eirik has never before taken a woman captive, yet Merewyn inspires a longing that calls to the darkness within him. He takes her back to his homeland as his slave, where they finally succumb to passion. And as the lines between captor and captive blur, Eirik realizes they have crossed into dangerous territory…

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Before he even quite realized he’d done it, his thumb was stroking over that plump lower lip and he was watching it tremble beneath his touch.

His breath came fast, matching the accelerated beat of his heart. It would be so easy to lose himself. The lust firing his blood wanted to claim her. It was that part that took charge as he leaned down to her.

His hand moved from her chin so his fingers stroked her neck, reveling in her heat and the rapid beat of her pulse under them. Her scent overpowered him. Just one taste of her, the demon within him urged. Just one taste and it would be enough. He breathed her in as his head lowered to her. His eyes fastened on her coral mouth.

When his lips were just a breath from touching hers, she turned her head. He stopped just short of colliding with her cheek and paused, his breath harsh against her skin as he struggled for control.